Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Oldies - Why? Marianne by The Falkons

Here's a fun "talking" Teener for you. It almost sounds like the narrator is recalling the past when he talks about 1964, but this record was actually made in 1964. He's just talking about how he WILL remember 1964 from now on.

The Falkons were from Sturgis, Michigan, which is extremely close to the Indiana border. The group was named after one of the band members, John Falkenstein. The other members were Steve Stockwell, Keith Mohamado, Al Covey, and Roger Aldrich. It's pressed on the small Fujimo label out of Elkhart, Indiana.

Here's Why? Marianne by The Falkons on Fujimo 2521 from 1964:

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  1. Your names are wrong for the group members. From left to right, they are Keith Waltke, Al Covey, Roger Aldrich, Bob Smith and Ron Shaffer. I'm a Sturgis native and knew three of the band members and their kids.

    1. Thanks for the correction! It's hard to find accurate information about some of the local bands from the 1960's. It's now clear that this song was written by two of the members, Keith and Al. Now I'm left wondering about the names I used! Do you recognize any of the names I found? It would be great to know something about the background of The Falkons from the members themselves. Maybe one of them knows these other guys. Anyway, thanks very much for checking out my blog and adding this important new information!