Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Oldies - Don't Give Up Hope by Four More

The guy who sold this record to me claimed it was a bootleg, so he was willing to sell it for just a few bucks. Quite some time later, I found another copy of the record, but this one actually was a bootleg. It was now obvious that the first one I got was an original, and that means it's worth a little bit of money. You could probably count the number of legitimate copies of this record that exist on one hand!

The band is from Corpus Christi, Texas, even though some sources have incorrectly claimed they were from twenty miles south in Kingsville. The group was formed in October 1965 and featured Jerry Chandler on vocals and rhythm guitar, Kenny Chandler on vocals and bass, Mike Burrows on drums, and Chuck Carter on lead guitar.

Rare records sometimes lose a lot of value when they're released on a compilation CD. That'll probably be the case for this one too. That's a shame, but at least that allows more people to find and enjoy the music. But if you want the actual vinyl in your hands, expect it to set you back at least a couple grand.

Here's Don't Give Up Hope by Four More on Fairchild 1001 from 1966:

Here's the awesome flip side, Problem Child by Four More:

Some people say they also recorded as The Chosen Ones, but the only records I've ever seen by a band with that name came from Topeka, Kansas. The members of that group were "chosen" from auditions, which is how they got their name! They made just one record, as far as I know, and that was a custom pressing "vanity" album on Audio House 267 released in 1967. Wanna hear a sample of it? I thought you might...

Here's As As Tears Go By by the Chosen Ones (of Topeka) on Audio House LP 267 from 1967:

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  1. Could you post a photo of the other side of this 45? Or possibly email me a scan of it?Thanks in advance!

    1. I'll do that, but it might take some time. I have to dig the record out. When I moved my collection to California, everything ended up in boxes. I'm only about 10% through getting them organized and on shelves again. I would have scanned both sides for this post, but I didn't know where either copy of my single was hiding!

  2. These guys are my uncles, and they did in fact record and play under the name "The Chosen Ones" after adding their older brother Jim to the group. I know they recorded a tune called "Worlds Dark Side" and also a cover of "Younger Girl" by John Sebastian. Their biggest hit in Corpus was "Don't Give Up Hope" and it caught them as a surprise later on to find out that "Problem Child" was so popular on compilation albums.