Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Oldies - Our Little Tragedy by Lawrence And Johnson


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  1. I'm probably wrong about Jumpin Judge being issued before The Flying Saucer. Thanks again to Gary Myers for some good background info! It may not have been first, but there's a very good chance it was the first Break In released after The Flying Saucer. The timing had to be very close!

    Gary Myers wrote: "Hi Joe. 2 comments: #1: I looked up a few things and "Let The Good Times Roll", as used in "The Trial", first charted on 8/11/56. "The Flyer Saucer" charted on 8/4/56, so it appears that the former could not have preceded the latter (esp when you consider that LTGTR must have been out for at least a couple of wks before they would have sampled it for the break-in). #2: You know where they ask the saucer man (in "Flying Saucer") if he has come to conquer the earth and the answer is gibberish? That's actually "secretary of defense" (from elsewhere on the record) backwards. Funny story about how a friend and I discovered that circa 1957.?