Wednesday, December 22, 2010

No-No, No, No-No, No-No-No-No, No, No-No, No, No...

Here's Rod Argent and the Zombies with another great sixties classic. Here's an interesting question. How many times do they say the word "NO" in this? In the studio version the answer is 63.

But, here's something else to think about. Which song uses the word "no" more often, this song, or Nobody But Me by the Human Beinz?

Dick Belly, Ting Markulin, and Mel Pachuta of Youngstown, Ohio, sing the word "no" 60 times in this song. That's three less than Tell Her No. But, if you add in the 43 times they sing "NObody" you get a whopping 103 times, making this probably the most negative song of all time! What a great garage rock track, too. Dig the bass line and fuzz guitar break! But, this is NOT an original song! The original version of Nobody But Me came from the Isley Brothers in 1963. This single is hard to find, but not impossible. It peaked at only 106 on Billboard's "Bubbling Under" chart in January 1963. Look for it on Wand 131.

Hot sax, dancing, snotty lyrics, wow! What more could you ask for? I want so much to go to a club downtown, grab on to a friend, and dance to the Isley Brothers all night long!

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