Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Oldies - Soupin' Up Your Motor by Linda Laurie


  1. Regarding the Knott Sisters, Linda (Gertz) and Susan Yellin (not Linda Yellin) were only on the one side, "Undivided Attention". The other side featured an un-credited Mort Shuman doing the main vocal, as well as Doc Pomus's wife and a few of her friiends on accompanyng vocals. I've got the sheet music for the "Sun Glasses" side (UK version), and though it does show Linda & Susan wearing shades, along with two hired male models, none of them are actually singing any vocals on that side, despite the label credit.

    There is yet another record by Linda Laurie, "Where Do You Go" b/w "Lucky", on the Recona label (R-3502-V) from October, 1963. Then there was a record on Bert Berns' Keetch label (I can't think of the titles at the moment), around 1964 IIRC.

  2. Linda says that is not here photo on the piano, LOL! I got the opportunity to talk to her for about an hour before she passed on. She was a hoot, she wanted to be ever so much in the Rock Hall of fame under the novelty position... but you know how that goes.