Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Oldies - I Want That Boy by Sadina

The opening of this record, with one high school girl whispering to another about a boy she likes, always reminds me of Leader Of The Pack by The Shangri-Las from 1964. But the object of this girl's affection isn't a motorcycle-riding bad boy. He's a good kid who doesn't hang around with the trouble-makers. This is a really sweet Girl Group song that I think could have easily been a timeless sixties oldie, just like Leader Of The Pack.

Here's I Want That Boy by Sadina on Smash 1979 from 1965:

Sadina was really Priscilla Mitchell who was born on 18 September 1941 in Marietta, Georgia. She started singing at an early age, and cut her first record, Out Of My Dreams b/w Every Girl, on Wonder 107, when she was seventeen years old. Her first name was spelled Pricilla Mitchell on that first record (without the "S").

Around that same time, Jerry Reed, had just finished cutting a few tracks at NRC Records in Atlanta, a label that had just been founded by Bill Lowery and Boots Woodall. He met Priscilla at a show in Lithia Springs, Georgia. He began dating Priscilla, who he liked to call Prissy, and two years later, while Jerry was serving in the U.S. Army, the two got married. Jerry, of course, became the famous singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer. Priscilla became a mom!

Jerry and Priscilla had two daughters, Charlotte Elaine ("Lottie") and Seidina Ann. Seidina was born in 1960, so she was just five years old when her mother recorded I Want That Boy, using a slight variation of her name for the artist credits. Priscilla cut one more (excellent) record on Smash as Sadina, Teen Years b/w It Comes And Goes, also in 1965.

She went over to Mercury Records in that same year where she sang several duets with Roy Drusky, including a cool song about cheating called Yes Mr. Peters that became a #1 Country hit in May 1965. She cut a couple of albums with Roy, along with five solo singles released on Mercury. But she never managed to find a hit record as a solo artist. That was a tragic oversight, if you want my humble opinion!

Priscilla and Jerry stayed together until he passed away at home on 1 September 2008 after a battle with emphysema. He was 71 years old. Jerry Reed Hubbard was born on 20 March 1937 in Atlanta, Georgia. He's buried in Nashville. Both of their daughters were married, becoming Seidina Hinesley and Charlotte Stewart, and blessed Jerry and Priscilla with two grandchildren.

MusicMaster Oldies combines all styles of music from the 1950's and 1960's. That's why you'll hear the Girl Group sound of Priscilla as Sadina, along with her duets with Roy Drusky, and even Jerry Reed and Roy Drusky solo records. It's a crazy mix when you can hear Roy Drusky and Jimi Hendrix on the same station, but I think it works. How about you?

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