Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Oldies - Help For My Waiting by The Dorians

The Dorians were John Unger on vocals, Bill Loop on guitar, Bob Nixon on bass, and Mike Bets on drums. The group was formed in 1968 in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada by Bob Nixon and John Unger, who had been a member of Small Town Boys and The Living Ends. They released a single called If I Were 21 And You Were 24, but it got very little attention. In 1969, Ray Charles band member Floyd Jones heard the group and suggested they record Psychedelic Lipstick. That became a hit for them overseas. The group also released this song, written by Floyd Jones and John Unger. It got a lot of airplay in certain areas of the United States and Canada, but it failed to appear on any national charts.

Here's Help For My Waiting by The Dorians on GM 707 from 1969:

This song was reissued for national distribution in 1970 on Big Tree 110. You're much more likely to locate a copy of it on that label.

The group's name comes from ancient Greek mythology. They were a tribe of warriors who conquered lands all across and around Greece. They were most likely responsible for much of Greek architecture, and introduced the use of choral lyrics in Greek Tragedy.

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