Saturday, December 11, 2010

Zip 106

After getting fired from 93QFM, I spent a year out of work. Totally broke, I took a job as Chief Engineer at WZZP 106 FM in Cleveland, a Booth Broadcasting station. They let me do some overnight and fill-in work on the air, along with other fun stuff. Here's a quick aircheck!


  1. I built that place. I was the original engineer at WXEN/WZZP (FM) and WABQ (AM) and I also did the overnights gig DJ-ing. By the way that comment to "write it down 10 times" was illegal and a definite way to be red-flagged in the ratings book. Bill Tash

  2. I rebuilt that place with new studios for WZZP. I'm not sure if the ever got heat for the "write it down" liner. It wasn't my idea!