Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Life's Soundtrack Part 64 - 442 Glenwood Avenue by The Pixies Three

The Post Office tribute has to contain this, one of my favorite 'girl group' songs from the sixties. You may not remember this song, and you probably haven't heard it on your favorite oldies station. Bear in mind, these girls had to compete with Beatlemania! Cool story alert: these girls were playing a gig at a college in Ohio one day and were shocked when 50 guys stood up and began singing along with them! It turns out that these guys started singing along because 442 Glenwood Avenue just happened to be the exact address of their fraternity!

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  1. I remember 442 Glenwood Avenue, back in 1964 I was in the Boy Scouts and we were on a 500 mile hike and this was probably the most popular song that we sang as we hiked. I still remember the sweet tunes of the pixies and of course Beatlemania and the other girl groups fighting for some fame.