Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Life's Soundtrack Part 67 - Respectable by The Outsiders

Ever wonder why the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is located in Cleveland? Here's one good reason! I grew up in Cleveland, and I can assure you that we LOVED our local garage rock bands. I remember playing this one over and over again on my illegal radio station.

Here's the original version of that Outsiders track. The great Ronald Isley, O'Kelly Isley, and Rudolph Isley, collectively known as The Isley Brothers, from 1959 on RCA 7657. I play several other covers of this song on my oldies stream by folks like The Chants, The Cheynes, and The Fourmost. Enjoy!

And here is the follow up single from The Choir issued in 1967 on Roulette 4760. The flip side of this one, Don't You Feel A Little Sorry For Me, is real cool too!

Oh heck, I can't resist posting the flip side of Roulette 4760...

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