Friday, December 10, 2010

My Life's Soundtrack Part 31 - Roll Over Beethoven by Chuck Berry

Just had a GREAT aerobic workout! What really pushed me over the edge was THIS track. Wow. 54 years later, this song still makes you want to jump up and dance all over a stage!

My first memory of this song is hearing it on the radio while my young aunt, Donna Robertson, was baby-sitting me! I must have been something like 3-5 years old at the time. I also remember Carol Robertson playing it in the room she and her boyfriend-husband Dick rented in our house. That was the same room at the top of the stairs that I eventually got, painted black, covered the windows with tin foil, and ran my illegal radio station from. I also remember hearing this while my mom and dad played Canasta with another couple. I remember she had this really cool radio that had a rounded cover over the entire tuning dial. You would flip that up to turn it on. I think it was made by RCA. It was a "portable" radio, but it ran on tubes. The battery inside must have been huge.

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