Friday, December 17, 2010

My Life's Soundtrack Part 52 - Chaos by Arbogast And Ross

I heard this on MusicMaster Oldies while waking up one morning to my Internet clock radio and just had to share it with my many radio friends. It's a great parody of late 50's radio, complete with jingles! "Oh, Emily, oh Emily...Oh." "Don't be nervous, don't be rocky, you're our teenage guest disc jockey now!"

I first heard this record when I was six years old. I'm sure it was a turning point in my life. After hearing this, using my dad's tape recorder, I started trying to imitate a disc jockey. I even remember making a studio and fake turntables out of cardboard boxes! Back then, the dee jays were more than just voices on the radio. They were a big part of the entertainment package.

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  1. I googled "don't be nervous - don't be rocky" and this came up. Brilliant!