Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Life's Soundtrack Part 41 - Rhapsody In The Rain by Lou Christie

Lou had to record alternate lyrics to this song because radio stations refused to play the original version! This was an awesome "hook up" song from 1966. They changed a couple of lines at the beginning. "We were makin' love in the rain" became, "We fell in love in the rain." The next line changed from "And in this car, our love went much too far" to, "And in this car, love came like a falling star!" A bit later they changed "we were makin' love" to, "ooh makin' love in the rain." Lame!

Here's the CENSORED version of Rhapsody In The Rain. If you see this 45 at a record shop or yard sale, the only difference between the original and the censored version is a little (2) next to the number, MGM 13473. Neither one is worth much, really, but I'd say the original version is worth more, if it's a first pressing and in great condition. Those are the Angels (My Boyfriend's Back) singing the backing vocals!

The "falling star" line is pretty lame, and it sounds like he had a little trouble getting it to fit the melody. At least they managed to work the word "came" into that line! You know you're "doin' it" right when that special moment happens for both of you at the same time, and lightning bolts shoot out of the sky! Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco was born in 1943 and raised in the Pittsburgh area. The haunting melody for this song was inspired by Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet." If you want to hear that Classical piece, use this link:

Listen for the borrowed melody starting at about 8:24 into this 18 minute overture. When you hear it, you'll probably think, "Oh yeah, I've heard this before!"

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