Friday, December 9, 2011

New Oldies - The World Ain't Changed by Warden And His Fugitives

This is yet another totally unknown garage rock group. All we know is that these guys are from San Bernardino, California. Do you know who they are?

When you listen to this song, you're sure to hear the similarity to Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones. At first, you'll assume that these guys just ripped it off. But that's not how some people see it. Both songs were released in the summer of 1965. Which came first? Of course, the odds are this song copied the Stones and not the other way around. But can you be sure?

So, here we go with The World Ain't Changed by Warden And His Fugitives on Bing 302:

There are thousands more where this came from -- on MusicMaster Oldies!


  1. Interesting comment on Youtube about this song.

    by MrFugitive5

    "I was/am the drummer of this song and thought I could add some true facts. we were all from the West Covina & Azusa, Calif. area and recorded in Hollywood during the second or third week in June 1965. we set an unofficial record of continuous playing of 100 hours straight and won a battle of the bands broadcast on Ch. 13 in L.A. all in the summer of 1965. the song was performed many times before "Satisfaction" came out and the b-side was really a crowd pleaser. thanks for the posting & comments"


  2. Wow, that's very interesting! Now I just have to figure out how the Stones managed to hear this record before they wrote and recorded Satisfaction. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Wouldn't be the 1st time the Stones got something from a Garage Band. The Satans-Making Deals is the same general theme and some of the same lyrics as the Stones-Sympathy for the Devil and the Satans song was definately recorded before Sympathy for the Devil!

  4. Absolutely! I'll post that Satans record here soon. In the meantime, if anyone knows of any other records that are "similar" to big hits, but came FIRST, please let me know. We'll feature them all here. I'm also putting together specials for MusicMaster Oldies that will showcase these "ripoff" songs!

  5. MrFugitive5 - here again to let you know that i was there and if the mixing was done properly, you would hear that the drum beat sequence actually starts earlier in the song than you think it does. i have never said that the Stones copied us, it's other people who say that, and we DID perform it before "Satisfaction" came out.