Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Oldies - Polar Bear by Nancy Carole with The Bel Chords


  1. Hi Joe,
    First time I have heard this. She sounds like the Nancy Carole on the record I have owned since the 1980's which is "The Memories We Share"/"My Joey" on Luxor 1028.I am trying to find out more about her myself, as I post songs on my Live 365 oldies show.
    I know I got a few copies of the Luxor release from a dealer in Pittsburgh, Pennylvania who was a local record hound, so that leads me to wonder if that is where she is from, but I have no certainty to that.
    "Polar Bear" is nice, thanks for posting. We have met a few times in the past via ebay.
    Bob Pegg

    1. I have that record too, and I'm quite sure it's the same girl. I think Polar Bear is from 1963 and My Joey is from 1964. I also think she was from New Jersey. The guy who produced these records, credited as Tony Casino, may actually be Gary Cascio, lead singer of New Jersey's Bel Chords, the doo wop group that's credited for backing vocals on Polar Bear. Still, I haven't been able to confirm anything yet. I do recall meeting you. It was back when I was running Great Lakes Records and buying (a lot of) records on eBay. I'm sure you know Rocky from Wisconsin who managed my store when it was still on Burleigh Street in Milwaukee. Thanks for checking out my blog, Bob. Maybe we can run into each other at a record show in the future!

  2. You're quite welcome Joe. You're correct, the times you bought fom me on ebay was that period where you had Great Lakes Records.
    Thanks for your input on Nancy Carole. I never knew of Gary Cascio until now.
    I do know Rocky through a few local friends who traveled to the rockabilly shows in Green Bay and visited Rocky on the way to and from there.
    Keep up the good work on your blog. Our tastes overlap quite a bit. You can hear my record collection at my Live 365 radio station at
    As for record shows, I do attend some here in the Pacific Northwest, but haven't much elsewhere. However, you never know I might try Austin some year and see you there.
    All the best,
    Bob Pegg