Friday, December 23, 2011

New Oldies - Optical Sound by The Human Expression

The cool thing about psychedelic music is that you can get high from it without using any drugs. The trick is being able to relax completely. That's the magic that makes music sound better when you're stoned. But you can get there through meditation instead, and it works exactly the same way. Don't ask me how I know this, just take my word for it!

Time for a dose of psychedelic sixties from a band called The Human Expression. These guys cut three records before breaking up following a poor choice of songs for their third single. This is from the group's second single, a solid slice of psych with a clever title, Optical Sound.

The group came from Westminster, California, just east of the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, just south of Long Beach, in the Los Angeles metro area. I could write a ton of stuff about this band, but you're much better off reading about them here on where you can also buy their music. There's another good write-up about them on

They made two versions of this song, one that appeared on promo copies of the single (white label), and another that was used on subsequent stock pressings (red and black label). If you find either one of these original singles, you might hold out for a couple grand if you decide to sell them. Most people don't sell them once they own one! I've heard that less than ten copies of this record have been found, but I don't know if that's counting the one I have in my collection! When you're checking out their other tracks, be sure to check out Every Night from their first single. It's my other favorite song from them!

Here's Optical Sound from The Human Expression on Accent 1226 from 1967:

If you're in the mood to get high on more psychedelic sixties music, I can fix you up. My stash is your stash. MusicMaster Oldies is the only drug you need! Don't bogart it, my friend. Share it with your friends, please!


  1. Oh, Dear God! This is now officially the greatest record ever recorded. K? I Swear to God...

    1. Oh yeah! Crank it up and pass the dope...