Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Oldies - The Story Of Bonnie by The Count Victors Featuring Danny Harrison

It's time for another Teener ballad! This one comes from Danny Harrison of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Bob, Terry, Freddy, and Danny

The group started out as The Teen Lords in 1961 and became the Count Victors when Danny Harrison came on board as lead singer. Danny is backed up by Bob Dixon on bass, Freddy Munro on the piano, and Terry Lathangue on drums.

This song was a big local hit in Peterborough, and managed to climb to #33 on the 1050 CHUM charts in Toronto. It was issued in the USA on Rust 5034 in 1961, but failed to make it on the Billboard Hot 100. You're more likely to find the Canadian release on Barry 3050, actually.

This song was written by Gary Hansler and Roy Bacon, guitarist and lead singer of the original Teen Lords band. Danny Harrison released lots of records in Canada, but only three of them charted, all peaking in the 30's. His other Canadian hits were Peepin' 'N Hidin' (Baby What You Want Me To Do) on Coral 62324 in 1962, and Blue Souvenirs on Coral 62411 in 1964. Peepin' 'N Hidin' was his only record to appear on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching only #91.

The Story Of Bonnie by The Count Victors Featuring Danny Harrison:

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  1. I took that picture as their booking agent and sometime on stage 'fill-in' when one couldn't make it.