Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Oldies - The Disc-Jockey's Theme Song by Steve Allen

When he made this record late in 1957, Steve Allen was still doing the Tonight Show on NBC-TV three nights a week, alternating with Ernie Kovacs, but he was primarily focused on his Sunday night variety show on NBC-TV. Based on a short review of this record in Billboard Magazine when it was first released, the voice of the musician on this record is actually record producer Bob Thiele who was running Coral Records for parent Decca at the time.

Here's The Disc-Jockey's Theme Song by Steve Allen on Coral 61877 from 1957:

This is another installment in the Radio Guys series I hope to continue into next week while attending the NAB Convention in Las Vegas. Let's see how many more gems like this I can find, assuming I find the time to post them. Thankfully, the problems with the online storage service seem to be resolved today and the player is working again. Hopefully, it will keep working. MusicMaster Oldies is sounding really good lately, if I do say so myself. Have you checked it out lately?

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