Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Oldies - The Only Girl For Me by The Intimates

I can't tell you anything about these guys, but wow, what a record!

The Intimates might have been from New York or Manitoba, but I suspect New York City. It was issued in 1964 on AmCam 402, a subsidiary label of Canadian-American records.  It was produced by Ron Schubert, who is also a total mystery to me.  This song is very rare because promotional copies of it had only one side, an Ellie Greenwich song called I Got You Where I Want You. This song, The Only Girl For Me, only appeared on the flip side of non-promotional stock pressings. The song was written by John "Jack" Carlson who was with The Roommates. They recorded the song, but did not release it until many years later.  You would think that a great song like this would have become an oldies classic, but for some strange reason it was completely overlooked. It made no appearance on the charts and, as far as I can tell, didn't even get a lot of regional airplay. But things have changed.  It's a pretty collectable white group Teener today!

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