Friday, March 11, 2011

New Oldies - 80 Foot Wave by The Vaqueros

No disrespect to the poor folks in Japan. I'm packing my iPod Shuffle with surfing music to take along to La Jolla Cove to watch the tsunami waves come in today. Came across this nifty bit of surfing music...

Seeing what a six foot wave has done in Japan, I can't even imagine an 80 foot wave. Makes me wonder, what was the biggest wave ever recorded? Did anyone try to surf it? Vaqueros is Spanish for Cowboy, by the way.

I know absolutely nothing about The Vaqueros, except that they're from the oddly named town of Virginia, Minnesota, and it was written by a cat named T. Schmidt, who was probably a member of the group. No information can be found about these guys anywhere in my wall of music resource books. That's amazing, considering how well they play. If you know anything about this band, please let me know!


  1. One of the bassists or guitarists is actually my aunts Dad. I didn't know he was part of a band until today. He passed away last week after a year's battle with cancer. Thanks for posting the song!

  2. John Grizzard, my 1st cousin, was in the band. He lives in Arizona now - originally from Aurora, MN which is about 15 miles east of Virginia, MN.

    You can find him on Facebook - his profile picture is now sporting his entire band portrait from 1967 when they were playing in Duluth, MN