Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Oldies: Billy by Shirley Anne And The Country Rogues

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  1. Which song came first, "Chime Bells", or "She Taught Me To Yodel"...? Both share very similar styles and story.


    1. Elton Britt did the original versions of both those songs. If you simply look at the RCA 78 RPM single releases, you'd think they were both released simultaneously. Chime Bells was issued on RCA 20-3090 and She Taught Me To Yodel was issued on RCA 20-3092, both around May 1947. However, Chime Bells was also released on Bluebird 8166 and Montgomery Ward 8426, both in May 1939. She Taught Me To Yodel was also issued on Bluebird 8946 in late 1941, which leads me to believe that he wrote that song later. They ARE very similar!

  2. The first version of Chime Bells was issued June 1934 on Banner 33116. It was by a duo consisting of Elton Britt and Ezra Ford. The song was written by Bob Miller and Elton Britt. She Taught Me How to Yodel was written by Paul Roberts and Tom Emerson and copyrighted September 20, 1941. Later, additional lyrics by Esther van Sciver were included.

  3. Wow...thru the miracle of the internet I fond someone else who holds "Billy" in such high esteem. Utterly charming, sincere and honest, full of qulities that are close to non-existant in music today.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this nice story about my parents. They were so good together. My mother Shirley Anne stills sings as beautiful as ever! My father has since passed away, but would have loved to know that people are still enjoying their music. Our family have all enjoyed performing and we still get together and play and sing.
    Thank you again, Suzanne Hockett McKinnon