Monday, December 24, 2012

New Oldies - It's A Cry'n Shame by The Gentlemen


  1. Who recorded this song first?

    1. Good question. I heard the Briks recorded the song first, even though it was Seab and Mike who wrote it. Maybe the Gentlemen played the song around town before recording it themselves. The Briks may have heard it, liked it, and cut a record of it first. That being said, however, I have never seen a copy of It's A Cryin' Shame by The Briks on record. Recently I learned a somewhat different story. Apparently, The Briks recorded a cover of Baby Let Me Take You Home by The Animals that has a guitar intro that sounds a lot like the guitar riff in the opening of It's A Cryin' Shame by The Gentlemen. This could be the recording that started this rumor. If that's the case, then both band actually copied that riff from The Animals who did their version in 1964. The guitarist for the Animals at that time was Hilton Valentine, so he's probably the guy who came up with it first. He's also the guy who plays on House Of The Rising Son. He was with the Animals until 1966.