Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Oldies - Mystery Girl by Billy Cook


  1. That "Mystery Girl" song, I see that it was written by one of the Juniors, as in Danny & the Juniors, Joe Terry. Given the overall sound of the song, I take him to be the same guy, like something Danny and the Juniors would have recorded...

    1. I can't find any reference to the song ever being recorded by Danny And The Juniors. However, I see it was also done by Mark Valentino on his self-titled album on Swan LP 508, also released in 1963. Both came out three years after Danny And The Juniors were signed to Swan Records in 1960 where they released their final chart hit, Twistin' USA. Good observation! I'll keep hunting for more covers of this song.

  2. Joe, just a note - while it's nice to have the Johnny Tillotson track in stereo, this is a re-make. I can't find its source, but the tremolo guitar sound is different as is the chorus, and the tempo is a bit slower. It isn't bad at all - it's just not "it."

    I must add that I like Billy Cook's B side better than the A - interesting tempo changes that he actually makes work. Thanks for the discovery!