Friday, May 4, 2012

New Oldies - Let's Run Away by Johnny Hudson And The Riptides

Formed in 1959 around Santa Monica, California, the original lineup of The Riptides included Johnny Hudson on lead vocals and piano, Ross Dietrich on guitar, and Ernie Sawyers on rhythm guitar. The band changed considerably around 1963 as several more members were added, including Daryl Dragon, the "Captain" of Captain and Tennille and his brother Doug on keyboards. Other additions included Ernie's brother Joe Sawyers on bass, Mike O'Keefe on sax, Max Lobough and Steve Aaberg on guitar, Vic Diaz and Butch Simpson on piano, and Bill Lewis and Johnny's brother Brooke Hudson on drums. The band continued playing until 1967. Johnny Hudson's relatives include several celebrities, such as Keenan Wynn and Tracy Keenan Wynn, Mark and Bill Hudson of The Hudson Brothers and Mark's daughter Sarah Hudson, actors Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver Hudson. Like many Hollywood families, the deeper you dig, the more conflict and drama you find. Last I heard, Johnny Hudson was alive and well and still living in Los Angeles. Johnny and his daughter Kimmy, a dancer, skater and surfer girl, worked together years ago in a band called Trudge. Johnny also has a son named Shannon who owns a hot rod shop in Newhall, California, and has worked with many car collectors including Jay Leno.

The only other thing I know about Johnny Hudson is that he made this excellent harmony Teener, which is one of my favorites.

Here's Let's Run Away by Johnny Hudson And The Riptides on Challenge 59062 from 1959:

And here's the fun flip side, Hanky Panky:

This was actually a follow-up to an earlier record on Challenge credited as simply The Riptides.

Here's Machine Gun by The Riptides on Challenge 59058 from 1959:

And the flip side, Deep Blue:

If you know Johnny Hudson, I'd love to find out more about him and his band. I'd gladly drive up from San Diego to meet him, too.

I'd like to take a moment to thank the many new listeners who have discovered MusicMaster Oldies recently!

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