Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Oldies - Play Me A Sad Song by Dotty Daniels

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  1. I could not get back in to edit. Please excuse errors
    Dear Mr. Music,

    This was a wonderfully written history . I hope you read my earlier commments. Many people contributed to my artistic development but I will always remember the musical help and love of Madame Earnestine Washington. It was such an honor and a thrill to be regarded as I was, being so young. Sister Washington's friends were the great Mahaila Jackson and the unique Sister Rossetta
    Thane.. I also credit Dr. Ophelia (Ophelia Devore Mitchell) with direction. When I was a teen, I was tall but extremely skinny, this, I
    guess wave to my major in dance since a young chil. One of my was different fom the others. She came to me and told me she would like me to meet herbMothe,DressDesine, Jackie Roders. Mom agreed to the meeting and I was taken to Ophellia Devore .
    Later, I auditioned before Dee Simmons, Grace Del Marco Models singing and dancing the theme song Chop Suey, and in time I appeared with Sue Simmons and others in Miss Ms. Beaux Arts.
    Professor Louvina, my high school music teacher and Mother of the late renowned Jazz Violinist,, Noel Pointer played for my dance segment, that I choreographed and performed from the Nina Simone song, BREAKING ROCKS ON THE CHAIN GANG.

    The Ophelia DeVore School was most exciting and inspiring. I later introduced my sister, Pat Allen to the Devore Concept and I understand she had a great caterer in modeling wit Ophelia DeVore.

    I am sorry for the delayed history. I am told this s why a Memoir is so important. Time and attention can be he en to details.

    I am sending a copy of your superbly researched and written article on Oldies, my work a teen artist Dotty Daniels, to Dr. Devore.

    Again, I am so pleased and thank you for an excellent historical account of. Teen in musi.

    With warm and sincere regards,

    Dotty Daniels

    Please excuse errors.