Monday, February 6, 2012

New Oldies - Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) by The Goodees

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  1. Joe: Thanks for an informative and accurate history of "Double Shot." Don Smith was a great friend and talented man who was also a civil engineer and died tragically in a small plane accident in bad weather on the way to a job site in South Louisiana.
    We laughed and joked the whole 20 minutes it took us to write it (I describe it as the most productive 20 minutes of my life.) Don was always upbeat and his joi de vivre was infectious.
    The lead vocalist on the Dick Holler version of "Double Shot" was another huge talent from Baton Rouge named Lenny Capello. Lenny had a couple of regional hit singles on Joe Banashak's Ric/Ron label, namely, "Cotton Candy" and "90 Pound Weakling."
    Lenny was a mashup of Little Richard and Larry Williams and had Cosimo's studio rhythm section backing him, so his records were great.
    So thanks again for your thorough and accurate research on "Double Shot."
    BTW, a friend called me last night as I watched Drew Brees in the Dome go all Yoda, Jedi Master on the Carolina Panthers, to tell me that NBC used a sample of "Double Shot" in one of their commercial bumps.

    Cyril Vetter