Monday, January 24, 2011

New Oldies - Prince Of Dreams by Family Tree


  1. Here's some additional information from a former member of the band:

    Cool blog! The entry on Prince of Dreams/Segarini is mostly right. Some more background if you're interested: there was a guy who was a big star in South Lake Tahoe, Jim Burgett. He held these dances at the American Legion Hall there which were the big thing in Tahoe in 1966-1967. The Family Tree played there fairly frequently, in fact I met them there in the summer of 1966. Bob was friends with Burgett, and the band recorded Prince of Dreams at Burgett's home studio in early 1967. This was a few months before I joined the band, so was not privy to the recording equipment, but I imagine it would have been fairly crude.

  2. wow that sounds a bit like neil diamond-nice song