Sunday, August 30, 2009

Follow Up: The Valiants

Here's another great track from The Valiants of Rockford, Illinois. Add this one to your Halloween mix! Here's Serpents And Spiders by The Valiants:


  1. Hello friends.....What a time in life I wish I could go back to. I was in my early 20's when these guys were going strong. The dances at the Rockford YWCA; Sherwood Lodge; Pophouse Club in Beloit and others. I think the Valiants were ahead of their time. Put that talent in todays music today and they would be touring 10 months of the year all over the USA. Young Dewey, the drummer, a master musician at age 15. Can we reverse time in reality? Im ready! Dick Johnson
    Rockford IL

  2. Thanks for sharing Serpents and Spiders. Great tune! I collect horror novelty 45s and have wanted this record for some time. FYI, I also saw this tune on Ridge 109 (on ebay) but was not the high bidder.